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Mar 21, 2016

Eyelash 3D Lashes: the Pros and Cons of Technology

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If you dream about bulk doll 3D lashes, you will approach the technology 3D Lashes – poresnichnoe capacity, which allows you to achieve amazing 3D Lashes results. But is it good this method? Parse the advantages and disadvantages of technology.

Eyelash 3D Lashes, Pros and Cons of Technology

What are 3D-Lashes?

As already mentioned, it poresnichnoe capacity: per your eyelash glued artificial couple, to provide the same 3D effect. Instead of a single cilium get just three or even four – in that unlike other types of poresnichnoe capacity. Artificial cilia look very similar to natural. By adding such an amount of the result is very impressive.

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Cilia are mounted close to the roots with the help of invisible elastic resin, which is invisible and does not smell. This laborious procedure, which takes less than an hour. The greater volume you want to reach, the longer it takes over your eyelashes will run the wizard.

The effect of the procedure lasts about 20-25 days. It takes so much update their own eyelashes, and fall together and Naroscheny them.

Pros eyelash with 3D Lashes effect

  • Stunning 3D-lash volume – an opportunity to achieve the theater, languid look.
  • Beautiful bend.
  • Mikropoliestrovye strands, which are used for the procedure, hypoallergenic – the method is suitable for sensitive eyes.
  • You do not need to paint and to tighten up the eyelashes: time for your morning routine is reduced, and you look at this impressive.

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  • Affectation – no mascara does not allow to create a volume. Although, for someone else it may be a plus procedure.
  • Heavy recovery after removal.
  • There are contraindications: method is not recommended for pregnant women, and people with diseases of the eyelids and the skin, such as conjunctivitis, or psoriasis.
  • If you wear lenses, the effect will last for less.

3D-eyelash: photo

Look photo 3D-lash, to decide, whether it is the same effect, which you expect. On each day of this volume could be called overkill, but for special events – for example, wedding – telling, puppet look would be appropriate.

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