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Diabetes is very viral than ever and most cases of diabetes diagnosed, up to 95% are type 2 diabetes. However for some people, the development of diabetes is inevitable, maybe due to fact that their parents once had it and then was passed to them or perhaps for other several of factors, for the vast majority it can be averted by taking these 7 simple steps.

A stage known as pre-diabetes stage is where you go through before you find yourself having diabetes type 2 fully developed.  In this stage, you start to show some of the symptoms, and if you foolishly  ignored them, it can lead to full blown diabetes.

Make these 7 steps a part of your regular routine, and you will see that you could prevent this disease from happening to you:


1.  If you are obese, you have higher risk of developing diabetes. To help yourself out of this, you will have to reduce the quantity of food on your plate so as to gradually, eat less and begin to lose weight. Nevertheless, if hunger pains keep pushing you to eat more, drink a sugar-free drink or a glass of plain water before every meal to take the edge of your hunger pains.

2. Stop eating foods that contains a significant amount of fat; Instead of taking fried meals, you can grill or bake foods; use low-fat spreads and reduced fat meals.

3.  Always try and get the Glycemic Index of the food you are taking in. Glycemic index, is the measure of the rate at which ingested food makes the level of glucose in the blood to rise. Therefore, knowing the glycemic index each food you eat contains helps to stabilize your blood-sugars, which in turn can prevent the full beginning of diabetes.

4.  Drink minimum of at least 9 glasses of pure water every day. Imagine you always have a bottle of water with you every day, and you sip it frequently. you will be amazed of how much water you would have drank throughout the whole day.

5. I will advice that you take a healthy snack rather than a chocolate bar if in one way or the other you feel peckish

6. In hot drinks, don’t use full-fat milk, instead I would recommend that you use skimmed milk.

7. Exercise plays a very vital role in keeping your health in an excellent condition. If you probably aren’t use to exercise, then you can start in a moderate level. Maybe like 15 minutes gentle walking each day will make it easy for you to engage in a regular exercising pattern.

Every action points above are also the same that diabetics are advised to take – if you take them now you might possibly prevent irreparable damage to your health.

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