May 26, 2019
January 15, 2019

Almond Shake Recipe

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Almond Shake formulation through Fatima Butt at, an extremely sound drink tastes outstanding and invigorating.


  • Aalmonds 8-10 soaked in water overnight.
  • Milk 3-4 glasses.
  • Ilaichi 3-4
  • Sugar half a cup.
  • Crushed ice as desired.


Add the peeled almonds Click to discover more about almonds, sugar, ilaichi (just the seeds) and a large portion of a glass of drain in a blender.

Mix it till the almonds Click to discover more about almonds get mixed in the drain.

Include whatever is left of the drain and mix again for 2-3 minutes.

Include the smashed ice and mix for 5 seconds once more.

Pour in glasses.

Delicious and invigorating shake is prepared.

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