Apr 13, 2019
Apr 5, 2016

Bowl Short Haircuts 2016 2017: the Variants of The Page Boy’s Haircuts

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Boy Haircuts Spring Summer in Red Hair Color

Boy Haircuts Spring Summer in Red Hair Color

The page bowl short haircuts reinterpreted in new versions remained among the most popular Bowl short haircuts trends for the season spring-summer 2016 2017 offering women who appreciate the short style the chance to show off a hairstyle in step with the fashions of the moment.

The bowl short haircuts are thus confirmed as a timeless classic that can continually adapt, being influenced by the latest hairstyle ideas.

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From ultra short version to the longest

It is indeed a very versatile cut that can be modulated differently pandering to the tastes of a variegated female target, in practice, this hair look may be revisited in a vintage, rock, but also in more modern and feminine forms.

Bowl short haircuts cutting reinterpreted bowl by hair specialists for the hot season proves to be an outmoded cut but wins a place of honor among the hairstyle of modern women in recent seasons.

This hairstyle is likely to be declined in ultra short version to give a light volume especially if you have straight hair and not too thick, which can combine a short fringe or long full; cutting to bowl can also be revisited in longer version outlining a helmet or a long bob, also, in this case you can accompany this hair look a fringe in grunge variant, a cross between a long fringe and a tuft, which makes more intriguing look.

Short hair to bowl Spring Summer 2016 2017

The page boy cut can be so proposed in different styles accentuating the mannish style or a more feminine look lengths ranging from short to medium-length performances, the dell’hairstyle versatility is its strongest point since it basically gives to all women, but it is not recommended to those who I have a round face as it is characterized by the perimeter accentuate the roundness, then it is not very suitable for women with a long face because it accentuates the elongated effect.

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Short hair cutting to bowl Spring Summer 2016 2017

Those who decide to opt for a bowl cut in the short version, in that Bob or the media can match a color natural enriched by warm reflections leaving flatter the radiance of spicy bronde, the brown cherry, blonde frost, black raven of copper.

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