Apr 7, 2019
Nov 3, 2015

Eye Makeup Tips To Enhance The Beauty Makeup Look

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Eye makeup tips for a beauty flawless look that enhances the look there are small steps to take if you want to enhance the look with makeup.

Following the advice of ad hoc beauty you can resize some slight imperfections that can be minimized with make up.

Enhance The Look With Eye Makeup Tips

Among the types of eyes that can create problems there are the big eyes, which can acquire certain intensity by applying not only the products of cosmetics but also suitable to mask the colorations appropriate to the size ocular.

Eye Makeup tips for women with big eyes it suggests a trick that involves a row of dark pencil on the edges of both eyelids to soften slightly in the area of the temple, then we recommend a trick degradè combining the light eye shadow to the inner and Dark outward; the trick is completed with a past of mascara focusing especially on those outside.

Eye Makeup Tips And Ideas for Night Out

Those who have the eyes small, can enlarge the look by choosing a makeup ad hoc using a dark pencil to trace the outlines of the upper eyelid of the lower eyelid and the top line, in this case care must be taken to soften towards lengthening the eye ‘external and then proceed with the application eyeshadow clear across the upper eyelid from the inner corner, taking care to shade the eyelid crease with a dark eyeshadow.

The make up for those whose eyes are round and bulging must be made disguising the projection using pencils and eye shadows in dark color variations to tighten and extend the cut eyelid thus limiting the ledge; you must start with the outline of a dark pencil line on the edges of the eyelids and then blending it outwards, then we use the light eye shadow under the brow and the dark on the upper eyelid sfumandolo toward the temple, stretching the form of ‘eye, you can then distribute a black pencil on the lower eyelid.

To make it more intriguing look who has the deep-set eyes, with movable eyelids positioned deep and visible eyebrows, can dampen the effect creating a sunken eye makeup less marked avoiding the use of the pencil to create a soft shade gradually a light eye shadow over the entire eyelid combined to average a shade, it must then apply a generous past of mascara on the lashes outer upper and lower, tracing a line of black kohl on the eyelid for a look revitalized and vibrant.

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