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Dec 14, 2015

Hair Fashion 2016 2017 In Different Haircuts With Middle Row

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Hair Fashion trend in 2016, Fashion wavy hair, and trendy hairstyles in 2016 parted in the middle

A reconfirmation of hair fashion 2016 sees the revival of the middle row with this simple detail can change easily adapting to different hair look you can acquire a new aspect.

Hair Fashion

Hair Fashion

Styling must-have proposed for next year is the cut moved along with the mid-center line, as suggested by the latest trends seen on the catwalks of fashion for the hot season.

Hair Trend line at the center in 2016

Fashion Hair Effect messy for a feminine and trendy

Hair medium or long waves from’ effect messy or more sophisticated retro and match the rules in the middle, creating a very feminine look that adapts to all women regardless of face shape and age. For a feminine and trendy it is good to focus on a head of hair with very soft natural waves or modeled along the entire length or only on the roots wet effect.

Medium or long waves Hair from effect retro messy hairstyles

Medium or long waves Hair from effect retro messy hairstyles

The middle row also suits the smooth styling in combination with a mid-cut that outlines a long bob climbed from the three-dimensional volume that creates dynamism on the tips.

Nice mid-cut, rough or smooth, you must also change your hair color. All hair look with middle row you can then match a color radiant in line with the latest color trends they see the triumph brown mocha, the blond ice and focusing on a coppery red color slightly faded to give reflections radiant especially amidships.

Combing hair with middle line trend with hair look

Combing hair with middle line trend with hair look

To each her…

To make the middle line with hair look particularly female is good to choose the interpretation that best brings out the facial features can opt for any cuts but also the line can be modulated at will; Women with round face can experience the line in half as a detail that can lengthen the face by creating strategic play of light and shadow; with square face you can create a look with rules in the middle bringing the locks on the front behind the ears to soften the jaw, in which case you may choose the cuts graduated with curls that frame the face.

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