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Dec 15, 2015

Top Flat Waves Hairstyles for The Holiday Season 2016 2017

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The flat waves hairstyles are right compromise between the curls (curls) and straight hair, which for the holiday season from 2015 to 2016, will be able to style your hair.

This trend that rages among the stars, also Italian, allows you to show off a hair move but not voluminosissima and especially neat.

There are two methods to recreate: the triferro and the DIY method.

Short hair with waves flat ideas for Christmas

The triferro is a particular hair curling iron equipped with three round plates that create precisely the waves. Depending on the size of each plate the wave will be more or less wide. On the market there are prices and brands. Remember to always use a spray heat, so as not to damage the hair and strengthen them.

The DIY method is certainly the least expensive. To create waves without triferro you need only aluminum foil and your fidatissima flat iron. Made of aluminum rods quite long (the length varies according of your hair) and fold them a “V”. Divide the hair into sections. Now each individual strand twisted around the V aluminum.

In practice you will have to re-create a braid using only a lock of hair, while instead of the other two strands there will be aluminum. Continue this way until the hair will be all twisted. Spend on each braid made the flat iron, so fix your hair with heat. Repeat the same procedure for all of the hair.

Short hair with waves flat ideas for Christmas 2015

In both cases, for the waves flat and tidy, you wash your hair. in this way being cleaned, the hair will be light and soft. If you want to obtain a definite effect, unbrushed hair, or otherwise for waves less marked, at the end of the fold or before exiting brush the crown. If you still want more volume, brush your hair upside down and spray a little ‘of lacquer.

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