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Mar 29, 2016

Graphic Eye Makeup With Pencil Technique Makeup 2016 2017

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Makeup 2016 2017: Pencil Technique graphic eye makeup after pointing out different techniques focused on makeup it is now the turn of a special makeup technique with which to realize a trick characterized by their sophisticated shades employing the eye pencils, it’s the Pencil Technique.

Graphic Eye Makeup With Pencil Technique Makeup

This graphic eye makeup technique, originally from Eastern Europe, produces a sensual and radiant, starting from the implementation of makeup graphics using a simple pencil eyes.

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Through this technique it is possible to obtain a final effect of great visual impact assuming you use the right products and to proceed to the correct application of make-up, is making small strokes, for a perfect application should in fact apply the eye pencil on the eyelid is recommended to use a small precision brush that allows you to create a softer, at this point after applying the pencil you can move all ombre to be patted on the eyelid along the stretch previously sketched with pencil, trying to create a uniform color slightly nuanced.

Graphic Eye Makeup With Pencil Technique

Graphic Eye Makeup With Pencil Technique

Rapidity in the drafting of eye makeup

The purpose of the Pencil Technique is to make the most rapid drafting of eye makeup, as eye shadows are not blurred in practice with brushes on the eyelid but are applied directly on the previously realized nuanced base with pencil, pointing this way about a graphic trick that allows obtaining a maximum precision result.

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For a professional eye makeup you can then experiment with this technique, starting from the use of a black or brown pencil with which to create the outer contour of the eye to give depth to the eye, after you create a lightweight base of white color on the whole eyelid to bring out the colors so eyeshadow in the strongest terms; at this point you can move the application eyeshadow creating a light shade between two colors: the first part of the eye is to apply a lighter shade, better to choose nude color or the earth tones, and then continue with a gradation of the same color more it decided to apply to the outside.

Makeup Ideas, graphic Makeup Pencil Technique

Makeup Ideas, graphic Makeup Pencil Technique

The surface gradient is obtained with a more lively eyeshadow to be superimposed to the pencil that must be blended with the flat brush, the eyeshadow can also be applied on the lower lash line and then apply a thin black eyeliner tract.

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