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Nov 3, 2015

How to Maintain Hair Fallen Shaded, Tie and Dye and Bronde Differences

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How to maintain hair fallen after tie and dye shaded. A new capillary technique to bring light to the manes emerged.

Her name sank hair. But what differences with shaded or the bronde?

How to adopt it and maintain it? shelookbook guide you.

How to Maintain Hair Fallen Shaded, Tie and Dye and Bronde Differences

New hair trend: the hair fallen

Declination of the shadow, the fallen hair has the same desire to brighten the hair in the gradually brightening towards the tips.

The idea?

A naturally sunny mane likes to return from vacation and the technique, mid-sweep, half-shaded, put on warm colors, golden or honey and caramel according to the base color, light or dark. Her style is very subtle. Easy to adopt, this is the ideal color for those who just do not want to seem to have made a.

Shaded, tie and dye and bronde: differences

Not always easy to navigate! Technical capillaries are alike, are often confused, yet each has a particular style. It all starts with tie-dye pattern, where spikes come lighten dark roots. The hair is then divided in half with a sharp demarcation. Aspiring to more natural then appears the shaded hair. This adds an intermediate color gradation for more style and less contrast. She herself gives birth to the fallen hair, more subtle. Tips are always clearer than the roots, but the gradient starts earlier. Finally the color bronde is a wholly-as the name suggests it is a mixture of brown + blonde. Some simply call it brown!

How to maintain her hair fallen

The melted and progressive effect on the tips highlighted the advantage to fade naturally. No root end, so no need to make alterations as for a permanent color. But like any color, it attacks and weakens the hair. We must therefore pay particular attention to your hair: shampoos space, using specific products colored hair, moisturize the…

Namely: if you maintain good your hair, your color lasts longer.

If the fallen hair is a popular hair trends among the stars-length hair, the square is also a must to adopt … Dare wob!

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