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Dec 18, 2015

Long Wavy Hairstyles Fall Winter 2015-2016 in Gypsy Style

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The Long wavy Hairstyles will continue to dictate fashion in the coming year according to the average advances on the front hairstyle for autumn winter 2015-2016, and in fact the effect of the summer beach waves becomes the moved the gypsy style.

Long Wavy Hairstyles Fall Winter

Combing gipsy autumn winter 2016 Long wavy Hairstyles

Hair vintage 70s

In the coming months there will be a way to return to the vintage fashion of the 70s that extols the mood boho-chic that is obtained by the hair down to the natural slightly messy and regulated by the line at the center that does not have to be symmetrical respecting linearity rigorous,

The only rule to follow if you want to reproduce vintage styling is to shape a central line in 70’s style that needs to be deep and thick.

Long Wavy Hairstyles Made at Home

Fashion long hair invites women to move towards the hairdressing styling moved with strands falling free, dynamic banner of a disorder crafted to look natural but sophisticated, in order to enhance femininity simple and aware of her qualities.

Long haircuts 2016 gypsy style

Long Wavy Hairstyles Made at Home

If you have wavy hair is possible to recreate the effect gipsy comfortably at home and in a practical way, since it is a simple and easy to reproduce, only serve a plate or a round brush to add volume on all hair outlining the gentle waves more or less full-bodied distributed from the root to the tip.

Long haircuts 2016 gypsy style

Loose hairstyles for long hair for the winter season are left to animate boho waves can accomplish letting it  natural dry hair rubbing the hair with your fingers to give sinuous and then give support through the styling products that give volume and body.

Long hair for autumn winter 2015-2016 in the wake of the trend boho-chic can be governed in a decidedly cool and youth through the creation of light and elastic waves dynamics that go to frame the face, giving a feminine allure thanks to the line Central showy.

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