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January 15, 2019

Mutton Gosht Masala Recipe

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What makes this curry uncommon is the “bhuna” part. This contains of sautéing the beef with flavors. the beef chefs in its personal juices, that’s the factor that gives the profound taste. it is a chunk tedious, but the final product is tasty. Lamb Masala Recipe is a mouth watering and a masaledaar sheep masala curry components that’s once more made with pork/sheep.



  • 1/2 Kg Mutton
  • 100 gram Tamarind ( imli )
  • Two Table spoons of Garlic ( Cut )
  • 200 gram of Onion ( Cut )
  • Two Table spoons of Ginger ( Cut )
  • One Table spoon White zyrh
  • One Table spoon CORIANDER Seed ( Dhania )
  • Half Table spoon Mustard powder
  • One Tea spoon Fenugreek Seed ( methi Daana )
  • One Tea spoon Red chili powder
  • Cooking Oil/Ghee 50 ML
  • Curry Patta ( According To Taste )
  • Salt ( According To Taste )


  • mix White Zyrh and Coriander Seed in a sear skillet. presently crush them with Onions, garlic, ginger, mustard, salt and red stew. Blend it in Tamarind water to make its glue. Marinade meat with this glue.
  • Presently sear Curry Patta and Fenugreek Seed ( Methi Dana ) on a low fire. put your meat in it and blend it in its own particular water till it cooked.
  • Present with lemon.
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