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Dec 7, 2015

Short Haircuts and Hair Color 2016 2017 Autumn Winter Coiff & Co

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Short Haircuts and Hair Color For the autumn-winter 2016 2017 the French brand Cliff & Co. presented a collection hairstyling characterized by a modern and easy to reproduce, in the name of a femininity that loves to face the everyday life naturally.

Starting from setting family group hair stylist suggests French original ideas and dynamics at which combine natural colors that reveal surprising details.

Short Haircuts and Hair Color

The proposals Coiff & Co-promote the simple cuts that highlight the brilliance of reflections Brown, among the cuts long hair stand out hair animated by a moving effect characterized by soft waves hinted that frame the face; to enhance the movement is chosen a brown gradient: darker at the base to become clearer in the area of the tips, to achieve this effect has been used the technique of coloring Color Booster.

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