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Dec 15, 2015

Short Haircuts With Pixie Styles Trends 2016 2017

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Short haircuts with pixie suggest several short hair look confirming that shortcuts are still considered among the reference trends for the coming months.

Short haircuts with a pixie for years, short hair inspired men have become among the most popular cuts from young and mature women who appreciate the qualities capable of mixing together practicality and femininity with contemporary flair and urban.

Short Haircuts With Pixie

Short Haircuts with Pixie Trend for 2016 2017

Among the most versatile ideas that open to different interpretations always in step with the most popular trends of the moment the pixie cut is proposed between the cuts more interesting and can be adapted in modular version of a haircut minimal chic symbol of grace and elegance playing with slight scaling and a fringe just mentioned to comb low or slightly raised to form a jaunty sprig; to gain a more gritty look the pixie cut can be declined with smoothing side in combination with a thick tuft long and voluminous can comb down or up through a fixative; then focusing on a cutting climbed all around the perimeter you can create a dynamic tousled pixie to be realized in smooth or move animated effect disheveled.

Short Haircuts with Pixie Combing Brush Black 2016

short hairstyles for women hairstyles

short hairstyles for women hairstyles

Among the short haircuts major trend for 2016 becomes the protagonist short bob to decline in the variant brush back, or with the strands of the crown area combed back, with straight locks or moves even in wet or declination the glossy finish in the root zone retro allure; the sleek bob can be declined even in the variant scaled to create a three-dimensional volume to be combined with a full fringe to comb slightly rounded giving refinement and femininity; starting from the same shortcut you can opt for sleek styling to make the hair strands of glossy hair moves.

Color short hair winter 2016 trend

Color hairstyles for short haircuts for women

Color hairstyles for short haircuts for women

To customize the short haircuts, color plays a key role by focusing on the natural colors faded somewhat by choosing a solid multifaceted enriched with bright reflections.

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