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Jan 15, 2016

Tape Contouring Makeup trends 2016 2017

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Among the latest tape contouring makeup beauty trends that allow the creation of a flawless contouring and corrective spread on the web technique Tape contouring that allows to obtain with simple make-up products of the features perfectly sculpted face.

Tape contouring, makeup trends, Corrective makeup

Tape contouring, makeup trends, Corrective makeup

This new fashion make up face was launched by Huda Kattan, a known web star Dubai and beauty bloggers who can count on millions of followers who follow her Instagram profile, who presented the technique of Tape contouring through a video in which the web star has shown how to realize this technique of contouring through the use of a simple roll of adhesive tape and some facial products for a base before imperfections and capable of enhancing the outlines.

Corrective technique for a beauty looks flawless

technique of Tape contouring through a video

In order to achieve this corrective technique for makeup must pay attention to apply small pieces of tape at strategic points of the face to create strips and corners, then roll out the bronzer with a brush on the portions of skin remained free, using another brush then either proceed to apply concealer more clear, after applying these products in limited areas of the face care must be taken to fade the products in a uniform manner throughout the facial skin to obtain a basis free from imperfections.

Tape Contouring Beauty looks corrective

To show off a flawless complexion and artfully carved you must follow step by step guide that shows how to make the technique of contouring Tape professionally then just complete the beauty look with a sober eye makeup and very natural realized through the application of eye pencil, eyeliner and mascara strictly in total black, lips can be enhanced by a nude lipstick from the glossy finish, you can also choose the most feminine lipsticks in shades of red, purple, burgundy, fuchsia from matte finish.

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