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Jan 13, 2016

The Perfect Lipstick for Any Skin Tone for the Day

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I recommend that each finds her lips neutral tone for the day. To find the basic tone of lipstick, remove all makeup first. The perfect neutral shade ?? pinky brown, nude, beige pink, rosy brown, pink ?? always be a tone close to the natural color of the lips. Some women may need more tone, and may best fit them darker or brighter than neutral tone. We know we have found the right tone when matches skin tone makes the brightest eyes and enhances the face. Once you’ve found the perfect tone for the day, you have the basis to find more dramatic tones. Almost all shades of lipstick with the undertone of the selected neutral color are perfect.

Perfect Lipstick for Any Skin Tone for the Day

When you are looking for more dramatic tone, the red lipstick is an easy way to make your day more joyful and more for the holidays day. Despite what you might think, red lips are easy to get and very wearable. Think about your style and the statement you want to do with a red lipstick. In other words, look for a red lipstick that makes you feel comfortable.

To choose the bar more sexy red lips used to guide the natural color of your lips when you choose the tone. If your lips have a bluish, it suggests that you use a deeper shade of red as Luxe Lip Color in Retro Red, Russian Doll or Red Velvet and if your lips have a more orange tone, recommend choose a brighter tone as Luxe Lip Color in Sunset Orange. Also, pick a shade that looks good on your face when you do not wear makeup since. That is the magic color that will make your skin, hair and eyes look their best.

Rich Lip Color from Bobbi Brown

Rich Lip Color from Bobbi Brown

If you need help finding your perfect neutral shade, visit any store Bobbi Brown to sign the course Cheek & Lips Makeup Lesson.

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